As part of our own efforts to spread sustainability as widely as possible, we have developed a new computer-based game called “Green&Great”. Teams play the role of global consulting companies, trying to win clients in a market that is demanding more and more sustainability performance — both of their clients, and themselves.

Will they make the right investments? Hire the right people? Make money while also doing good? “Green&Great” is fast paced, can be played live or over the internet, and requires very little training to learn. Trial versions are available, as are single or multiple licenses, at prices suitable for every type of organization, in every region of the world. You can play the game with or with a live facilitator, with online support, or you can run it yourself.

You can also engage us for a half-day or one-day workshop called Competitive Sustainability, where the game plays a leading role, but where you also get a briefing on the state of sustainability in business today as well as an introduction to the decision support tools that are embedded in Green&Great.

To learn more, please visit the dedicated website for Green&Great: