Other Resources

Are you interested in pursuing some of the ideas in Sustainability is for Everyone? Going a little deeper?

First, check out 17Goals.org – the website where you can learn all about the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Also on Facebook.com/17goals.

Then, check out our free tools, Accelerator Lite. Anyone can use these tools to explore what sustainability means, run a workshop, and learn how to make change happen.

Finally, we offer a variety of learning and training options through the Center for Sustainability Transformation. Advanced readers might be interested in our Master Classes. University teachers and professional trainers might want to look at our simulation game about sustainable business, Green & Great. K-12 teachers and administrators should check out the Compass Schools approach to whole-school sustainability.

And of course, if you need professional advisory, strategy, analysis, and communications help, Alan’s consultancy, AtKisson Group — founded in 1992 — is one of the world’s most experienced sustainability consultancies, with partners in over fifteen countries.

Alan AtKisson’s other books will also take you farther. If sustainability is new to you, or you just want to know “How to be an optimist in a pessimist’s world,” start with Alan’s classic bestseller (revised and updated in 2010) Believing Cassandra. If you are interested in learning the essentials of accelerating change for sustainability, using the ISIS Method (Indicators > Systems > Innovation > Strategy), then read The Sustainability Transformation. Alan’s collected essays and poetry are also available here.

We’re here to help everyone who wants to do something more to promote sustainability. Get in touch! Write to us …