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When you buy a digital e-book edition directly from us, you can choose either an .epub file, which is a standard e-book file format, or a .mobi file, which is for the Amazon Kindle reader.

With .epub files — which are standard for e-books — you can open them in any nearly e-book reader, on any digital device driven by Apple’s iOS (iPads, iPhones etc.) or Android devices. There are many options to choose from, including Apple’s standard iBooks app. Other apps that have been recommended by others include …

Adobe Digital Editions:
Firefox EPUB Reader:

Just search the Apple App Store, or Google’s app market, and you will find an reader that suits you. Many are free.

Or, you can download a free e-book reader and file conversion app such as Calibre ( to your computer. You can use Calibre to read the book or to convert the .epub or .mobi file into any format that works better for you, including .pdf format.

For .mobi files, these can be read on your Kindle. If you are not familiar with how to transfer these files onto your Kindle, here is a good guide:

If you have any difficulties, please write to us!

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