Give a Gift

Sustainability is for Everyone makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in sustainability … or anyone you are hoping will become more interested. Physical book, E-Book, you choose! You can copy the image below to your computer and make a nice gift card, too. To give physical books as gifts, we recommend purchasing the book from our webshop, or from (or, or from your favorite bookseller.

For paper books, click this link to go to our purchasing page.

To purchase an E-Book as a gift certificate, which you can send to anyone with an email, follow the directions below …

Here’s how it works: after you make your purchase via the link below, you can immediately download a gift certificate — a PDF file — with a special code. You give that certificate (or just the code) to your friend, coworker, loved one, whoever! Then they go to our special website page (“Accept a Gift“) where they can download the book, in EPUB format.

Click here to purchase a gift certificate with gift code.

If you already have a gift certificate with gift code, and you want to download your book, please go to Accept a Gift.

If you like, you can copy the image below and use it to make a paper or digital gift card, too! Any questions or trouble, just write to Cassandra.