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Congratulations! You have been given a digital edition (.epub or .mobi) of Sustainability is for Everyone, as a gift. Here is how to redeem your gift code and download your book.

Please follow these instructions (3 steps). And if e-books are new to you, please click here read the Technical Info. If you have any trouble, write to us!

Step 1. Click on the appropriate link below (after “Step 3”), for either the .epub (Apple and Android) or .mobi (Kindle) edition. You will come to the Shopping Cart. In the box on the left marked “Got a code?”, enter your gift code.

Step 2. Now click where it says “update”. The price will change to $0.

Step 3. Click “checkout,” and then enter your name and email address … and your download is immediately available.

Ready to start? Click the appropriate link below … and be sure to visit our Technical Info page if you need guidance on how to handle e-books on your computer or digital device.

Click here to download your gift e-book in EPUB format (Apple and Android)
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Any trouble or questions, click here and write to Cassandra.