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You can buy Sustainability is for Everyone – 2nd Edition in a variety of formats – paper, digital e-book, or PDF. See below for more information. Or you can order the book from your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

If you wish to buy it on paper, our printing house was recently merged with, so you will be redirected there.

You can buy an e-book directly from us. If e-books are new to you, please read the technical info. Amazon also has a Kindle edition.

Note: When you buy the book directly from us, you are directed to a service that uses PayPal for digital payments. You do not have to be signed up with PayPal to use it for a one-time credit card purchase. We obviously appreciate it when you buy directly from us, as it helps us finance our program of giving free copies of the book to those who really need. If you cannot or do not want to use PayPal, write to us and we will find an alternative that works for you.

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If you need a free copy of the PDF version, we will give you one. Please click here.

If none of these ordering mechanisms works for you, click here and write to us.

*Technical Info

An EPUB file is compatible with most smartphones and virtually any tablet or computer. There are many apps you can use to read it. The link takes you to our PayPal payment gateway. Once the transaction is complete, the download is then available to you. Just download the digital file and open it with your favorite digital reader. (More technical info is available below if you need it.)

When you buy a digital e-book edition from us, you will receive an .epub file. This is a standard e-book file format that you can read on any digital device. On an iPad or iPhone, you can read it with iBooks, but there are many other options. Others have recommended:

Adobe Digital Editions:
Firefox EPUB Reader:

…  and there are many other apps you can use. Just search the Apple App Store, or Google’s app market, and you will find an app that suits you.

Or, you can download a free e-book conversion app such as Calibre ( and convert the .epub file into any format that works for you (including .pdf). (Calibre is also good for reading e-books on your computer.)

If none of the above works for you, write to us!

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