Pre-Launch! But already available for purchase …

We are gearing up for the launch (on Dec 1) of Sustainability is for Everyone ... but the book is already available for purchase. (As over 50 people who bought the book seem to have discovered ... how did they find it?)If *you* have discovered it, please help others do the same. Feel free to... Continue Reading →

Sneak Preview! SforEveryone is now published …

Although the notices have not gone out yet, visitors to this site may notice that Sustainability is for Everyone is already available for purchase. We are just waiting for the last couple of puzzle pieces to come together (getting it onto Apple's iBooks system, etc.). But you can already buy the book in paper, EPUB,... Continue Reading →

Final version nears completion

Dear readers,The final version of Sustainability is for Everyone is soon to be released, on iBooks, Kindle, and via online retailers like, as well as via the and websites. Thanks to all who submitted comments! Watch this space for updates ...- Alan AtKisson

Update from Alan AtKisson

To all who are reading "Sustainability is for Everyone," many thanks for the great feedback and the many comments. A number of people have taken me very seriously and sent me pages (literally pages) of notes. I will be taking this input very seriously as I develop a new version. Probably the book will end... Continue Reading →

Feedback So Far

"Wonderful little book ... 'Whatever you do, please don't stop. We need you.' There is the essence of it all!" - Peter Lamb, USA (via the website) "I could not resist going through it immediately. It is really very good! Many thanks!!!!!" - J.Z., Hungary (via email) "Great little book and an easy read -... Continue Reading →

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