Allez-y! New French edition released

La durabilité est l’affaire de tous. Sustainability expert and award-winning social entrepreneur JF Fillaut has translated Alan AtKisson’s small classic Sustainability is for Everyone with both skill and élan, and the resulting book is now available from the new French website. You can purchase it from any major online bookseller or real physical bookstore (usually requires a special order). But it is also available free in PDF format at this link.

Cliquez pour visiter le site en français

JF Fillaut and his partner François Raguenot are the founders and principals of Cabinet Espere, a leading consultancy on sustainability issues in France. JF is also a driving force behind Proplast, an award-winning social enterprise in Sénégal that creates jobs, with a special focus on village women, in the plastic recycling industry (and also keeps the plastic out of the waterways and ocean). JF and colleagues also created the visionary label Waste & Hope that indicates recycled plastic that is also fair-trade.

“I am thrilled to finally be launching this translation,” said author Alan AtKisson. “It was actually ready a couple of years ago. JF and François at Cabinet Espere have been very patient with me as I adjusted to a very different working situation as an officer of the Swedish government. But now it’s here, and we have decided to make the PDF version free for everyone. Allez-y!

Visit the new French website >>

See book on >>

See the English edition on (& read the 5-star reviews) >>

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