Over 30,000 copies sold!

Actually, we have lost count of the official sales figures, because Sustainability for Everyone has now been distributed so widely, including a number of free editions. There are now versions of S4E circulating in English, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Swedish, and soon French.

Why has this little book been so popular?

The big surprise was how many sustainability professionals decided it was a good way to introduce the topic to students and non-professionals. With simple metaphors and explanations — but without ever talking down to the reader — S4E makes this complex topic highly accessible.

Alan AtKisson also created special editions, with specially written forewards, for digital distribution to whole companies and university programs, which drove sales in clumps of hundreds or even thousands at a time. These digitally distributed editions were also very low cost (about 1 dollar per copy in the largest quantities).

The little stick-figure drawings by the author didn’t hurt either!

If you are interested in purchasing Sustainability is for Everyone in bulk, please write to us.

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