New Translations Coming!

The German and Swedish translations of Sustainability is for Everyone are nearing completion. Please watch this space for details!

“S4E” continues to be surprisingly popular, with orders for multiple copies continuing to arrive, two years after initial publication.

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A Little Book with a Big Message

AlanAtKisson_Bregenz_21Nov2013-2Sustainability is for Everyone (“S4E”) is a little book written by Alan AtKisson, author of the sustainability bestseller Believing Cassandra and the widely used professional guide The Sustainability Transformation. In just 49 pages, Sustainability is for Everyone helps you “lift your thoughts above the fray” (M. Kensler, Auburn University) and discover new ways to think about, and to communicate, sustainability.

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“This book is meant to inspire you …” starts the first chapter. The book was itself inspired by Alan’s induction into the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame™: he wrote it in response to their request to “share some wisdom” from his experience. The manuscript, in essay foramt, was distributed privately at the induction ceremony, and also to friends, colleagues, clients, and participants at the induction ceremony. Reviews were so positive that Alan decided to publish it as a book. S4E was immediately picked up for translation into five languages (the German and Swedish editions are coming out this year). Companies have purchased thousands of copies for their employees, and university programs have purchased it for large groups of students and alumni.

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