SforEveryone nears 10,000 copies sold

We are pleased to report that Sustainability is for Everyone is already closing in on the magic number 10,000 … after only three weeks in official release!

Two bulk orders have pushed those numbers up … but single orders are also coming in very steadily.

What makes the book so popular? From one of the organizations making a bulk order came this description:

“I bought a copy of your new book and read it with great pleasure. In a very fine way, it takes the drama out of the term sustainability, which is sometimes needed.”

Simplicity! That’s a lot of what we’ve heard … not to mention the entertaining tone, the fun little drawings … and some very useful advice.

“A participant [in a workshop I was leading] asked why children feel powerless to make real change. And I knew the answer from your book: because we have kids think in global terms. We rarely talk about ‘small sustainability’.”

Thank you to all readers for your help in spreading the word about this little book … and please keep it going! Let “S4E” do its job, and bring a simple, thoughtful enthusiasm for sustainability to more and more people … everywhere.

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