Feedback So Far

“Wonderful little book … ‘Whatever you do, please don’t stop. We need you.’ There is the essence of it all!” – Peter Lamb, USA (via the website)

“I could not resist going through it immediately. It is really very good! Many thanks!!!!!” – J.Z., Hungary (via email)

“Great little book and an easy read – for everyone! I especially found the chapters on communicating sustainability useful, and aligning sustainability to target audience interests. Overall great and positive inspiration – now off to make sustainability everyone’s business!” – Justine Braby, Namibia (via the website)

“Thank you Alan, for sharing your booklet. I will read some more when I finish playing my guitar! Heeding your advice…” – Claire Bronson, USA (via the website)

“Made my day. The writing reminds me, not surprisingly, of Dana [Donella Meadows]. I’m eager for this to be ‘released’ as there already are a number of audiences (including our team and my daughter’s high school) that I look forward to sharing it with.” – B.S., USA (via email)

“Brilliant! I love the simplicity with which it is written knowing that is steeped in exceptional experience and wisdom. This book landing in my inbox today is incredibly serendipitous. This book gave insight and expression to some of the burning thoughts and questions I have had over the last several weeks with regard to engaging my new employer, a major healthcare company, on sustainability. I shall be referring to this book often. Thank you, Alan! – Susan Gibbons, Chicago, USA (via the website)

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your Sustainability is for Everyone booklet.  It was both inspiring and useful. I highlighted quite a bit.” – S.S., USA (via email)

“I took you at your word and have done a critique of your essay.  As many have learned, it can be risky to extend me an invitation to comment!” L.B., USA (via email) [This person’s comments, which were textual notes and suggested edits, were extremely helpful and will be incorporated into the next edition. – Alan]

(Updated 23 May 2013)


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