Allez-y! New French edition released

La durabilité est l'affaire de tous. Sustainability expert and award-winning social entrepreneur JF Fillaut has translated Alan AtKisson's small classic Sustainability is for Everyone with both skill and élan, and the resulting book is now available from the new French website. You can purchase it from any major online bookseller or real physical bookstore (usually... Continue Reading →

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A Little Book with a Big Message

Sustainability is for Everyone ("S4E") is a little book written by Alan AtKisson, author of the sustainability bestseller Believing Cassandra and the widely used professional guide The Sustainability Transformation. In just 49 pages, Sustainability is for Everyone helps you "lift your thoughts above the fray" (M. Kensler, Auburn University) and discover new ways to think... Continue Reading →

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Swedish edition now available *free*

Hållbarhet är för alla. That is how you say Sustainability is for everyone in Swedish. The new translation by Kristina AtKisson is finally available, wherever books are sold, online or in physical bookstores (by special order). It is also available free in PDF format at the new Swedish website. Author Alan AtKisson has written a... Continue Reading →

Over 30,000 copies sold!

Actually, we have lost count of the official sales figures, because Sustainability for Everyone has now been distributed so widely, including a number of free editions. There are now versions of S4E circulating in English, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Swedish, and soon French. Why has this little book been so popular? The big surprise was how... Continue Reading →

SforEveryone breaks 15,000 sold

In its first month of official release (December 2013), Sustainability is for Everyone has sold 15,000 copies, thanks to bulk orders from organizations who are giving it as presents to their employees or alumni. This figure easily breaks Alan AtKisson's previous record for reaching an audience rapidly with a new book. (In 1999, Believing Cassandra... Continue Reading →

SforEveryone nears 10,000 copies sold

We are pleased to report that Sustainability is for Everyone is already closing in on the magic number 10,000 ... after only three weeks in official release! Two bulk orders have pushed those numbers up ... but single orders are also coming in very steadily. What makes the book so popular? From one of the... Continue Reading →

SforEveryone launches today

December 1 is the official launch date for Sustainability is for Everyone ... and the book is starting off strong. Several hundred people have copies already, reviews are starting to come in ... and translations of the book are already in the works, to German, French, Swedish, Hungarian, Indonesian ... Want an inspirational sustainability gift... Continue Reading →

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