A Little Book with a Big Message


AlanAtKisson_Bregenz_21Nov2013-2Sustainability is for Everyone (“S4E”) is a little book written by Alan AtKisson, author of the sustainability bestseller Believing Cassandra and the widely used professional guide The Sustainability Transformation. In just 49 pages, Sustainability is for Everyone helps you “lift your thoughts above the fray” (M. Kensler, Auburn University) and discover new ways to think about, and to communicate, sustainability.

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“This book is meant to inspire you …” starts the first chapter. The book was itself inspired by Alan’s induction into the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame™: he wrote it in response to their request to “share some wisdom” from his experience. The manuscript, in essay foramt, was distributed privately at the induction ceremony, and also to friends, colleagues, clients, and participants at the induction ceremony. Reviews were so positive that Alan decided to publish it as a book. S4E was immediately picked up for translation into five languages (the German and Swedish editions are coming out this year). Companies have purchased thousands of copies for their employees, and university programs have purchased it for large groups of students and alumni.

You can purchase the book via this website or from any bookseller, in a variety of formats: digital e-book, Kindle, and paper.  To read the preface and introduction online, click here. Bulk discounts are available, and even free digital copies can be accessed by those who really need them (sustainability really is for everyone). For more information, just sign up for our new mailing list.

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If you would like to send a review, comment, or question related to the book, please go to Send Feedback. To buy S4E, see the Purchase page … when tweeting, use the hashtag #SforEveryone … and enjoy reading Sustainability is for Everyone!

German Translation Available

The German version of SforEveryone, called Nachhaltigkeit ist für jeden, has been published by the Vienna-based Institute for Managing Sustainability, with the sponsorship of the Austrian government.

For information on how to purchase copies, please write to the Institute directly:

sustainability [AT] wu.ac.at

New Translations Coming!

The German and Swedish translations of Sustainability is for Everyone are nearing completion. Please watch this space for details!

“S4E” continues to be surprisingly popular, with orders for multiple copies continuing to arrive, two years after initial publication.

If you would like to explore a bulk order, for either paper or digital e-books, please Contact us.

SforEveryone breaks 15,000 sold

In its first month of official release (December 2013), Sustainability is for Everyone has sold 15,000 copies, thanks to bulk orders from organizations who are giving it as presents to their employees or alumni.

This figure easily breaks Alan AtKisson’s previous record for reaching an audience rapidly with a new book. (In 1999, Believing Cassandra sold half as many copies in its first four months and achieved bestseller status in its category on Amazon.com.)

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SforEveryone nears 10,000 copies sold

We are pleased to report that Sustainability is for Everyone is already closing in on the magic number 10,000 … after only three weeks in official release!

Two bulk orders have pushed those numbers up … but single orders are also coming in very steadily.

What makes the book so popular? From one of the organizations making a bulk order came this description:

“I bought a copy of your new book and read it with great pleasure. In a very fine way, it takes the drama out of the term sustainability, which is sometimes needed.”

Simplicity! That’s a lot of what we’ve heard … not to mention the entertaining tone, the fun little drawings … and some very useful advice.

“A participant [in a workshop I was leading] asked why children feel powerless to make real change. And I knew the answer from your book: because we have kids think in global terms. We rarely talk about ‘small sustainability’.”

Thank you to all readers for your help in spreading the word about this little book … and please keep it going! Let “S4E” do its job, and bring a simple, thoughtful enthusiasm for sustainability to more and more people … everywhere.

SforEveryone launches today

December 1 is the official launch date for Sustainability is for Everyone and the book is starting off strong. Several hundred people have copies already, reviews are starting to come in … and translations of the book are already in the works, to German, French, Swedish, Hungarian, Indonesian …

Want an inspirational sustainability gift to give your friends, clients, employees? Use this discount code to order SforEveryone on paper, and receive a 25% discount:  DFXEXJZL

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Pre-Launch! But already available for purchase …

We are gearing up for the launch (on Dec 1) of Sustainability is for Everyone … but the book is already available for purchase. (As over 50 people who bought the book seem to have discovered … how did they find it?)

If *you* have discovered it, please help others do the same. Feel free to start tweeting, Facebooking, or generally sharing the “secret” … Because Sustainability is for Everyone really is for everyone.

To buy the book, just go to the Order page. And remember, if you can’t buy it, for any reason, just write to us … and we will set you up with a free digital copy.

Sneak Preview! SforEveryone is now published …

Although the notices have not gone out yet, visitors to this site may notice that Sustainability is for Everyone is already available for purchase.

We are just waiting for the last couple of puzzle pieces to come together (getting it onto Apple’s iBooks system, etc.). But you can already buy the book in paper, EPUB, and Kindle format.

Just go to the Order page. And feel free to start telling your friends about it! You can “share the secret” … Sustainability is for Everyone is out!

Final version nears completion

Dear readers,

The final version of Sustainability is for Everyone is soon to be released, on iBooks, Kindle, and via online retailers like Amazon.com, as well as via the AtKisson.com and ISISAcademy.com websites. Thanks to all who submitted comments! Watch this space for updates …

– Alan AtKisson